About the Artist

Mikala Collage

Mikala is Michele or Michael in Hawaiian, so she often goes by that name. Michele is a fine artist and does watercolors and oils primarily of the tropical locations she loves. She paints mostly Hawaiian Art, Tropical Art and scenes from California, and other travel locations. She was classically trained both by her father who was a gifted watercolorist and commercial artist, as well as at the largest fine arts school in Southern California where she worked for many years. Her work has been collected and loved by collectors from around the world. Michele was born in Thailand, raised in Asia, Hawaii and California. She grew up traveling in foreign lands and has loved to travel all her life. She is especially fond of Scotland, Hawaii, Polynesia and tropical Asia.

Artist Statement

"I love beauty, beautiful things, beautiful places, and beautiful moments. I know that can sound silly but it's true. I especially love nature, but I am also fascinated by people and like to paint them as well. I was fortunate to have an international upbringing and to have a family that constantly exposed me to the beauty of the natural world as well as the beauty and arts of many cultures across the planet. My intention is very simply to create beautiful things to look at that people will enjoy and bring some aesthetic solace to a too often troubled world." – MRoss